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The Joys of Summer

Summer is a time for vacations with family, enjoying nature, and relaxing with friends. The warmer weather elicits our desire for the outdoors and Barbecue. Kids look forward to fireworks and pool parties. Adults look forward to time off from work. There are many reasons to be thankful for all the blessings of summer that often get overlooked amidst fun activities. Today, let us take a moment to rejoice in the gifts of  summer.

  1. Time outside with family and friends
  2. Swimming in pools or the ocean
  3. Fishing in lakes or rivers
  4. Camping in the woods
  5. Hiking mountain trails
  6. Riding bicycles
  7. BBQ’s
  8. Car trips
  9. Warm weather
  10. Ice cream & Watermelon

What would be on your list?  

 A picnic at the park?




                                              A day at the beach?


R & R at home or vacation rental?




Regardless of  what you do this summer, I invite you to enjoy each moment of this season and experience it fully and completely… consciously… and with gratitude.  Use all of your senses to appreciate the joys of summer and look for the unexpected messages.

Bon Voy Age!


The blessings of air conditioning

Summer’s hot and there’s nothing better than crisp, cold, air conditioning (okay, besides water/pool/lake/ocean and maybe ice cream). Regardless, if you live in a humid region or experience dry, desert heat, summertime is much nicer with a continual blast of cool air. Fans only blow the heat around and don’t provide much difference. Swamp coolers only work in dry heat since they add moisture to the air somewhat like misters. If you want moisture sucked out of the air and to be kept cool, then central air conditioning is for YOU!
I think this is one of the best inventions ever created and am so grateful to be enjoying it right now! How about you?


Today was a great day! I just love spending time with family and friends. Summer is a fabulous time to enjoy the sunshine and lay out by the pool or ocean. In Arizona, summer can be a bit of a challenge due to the excessive desert climate, so we do things a bit different down here; swim in the evening. Twilight swimming occurs after 5pm and can extend well into the night since we have light till almost 8pm. The freedom of enjoying the water without worries of sun damage to my skin, is intoxicating. Like a dolphin swimming in the big, wide, ocean, I dove in and splashed through the water. There’s nothing quite like swimming at this part of the day; unencumbered and fresh.

What a blessing, water is.