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Celebrating Life!

I love celebrations; don’t you?

I love the planning, the decorating, the cooking, and the gathering of family and friends that celebrations provide. I deeply value holiday traditions and personal milestones in other’s lives as well as my own. I believe this is what makes life richer and keeps relationships close. Celebrating special occasions of any kind, remind us of what is truly important.

Thankfully I grew up in a family that always celebrated birthdays, holidays, and special occasions; but I’ve known some people who don’t know what this is like. While I can’t relate, it reminds me how lucky I am to have family and friends who celebrate the milestones in my life and whom I can celebrate in theirs. We all need people to celebrate our lives with, as this makes life more joyful, meaningful and special.

 Celebrating other’s accomplishments, milestones, or special occasions is a privilege and honor that is filled with excitement and fun. It allows everyone to bask in positive emotions that uplift even the sullen of hearts. When we take part in celebrating with family or friends, we are sharing in their joy; acknowledging their uniqueness, while displaying one of life’s greatest gifts… love.

Taking time to celebrate with loved ones, friends, strangers and co-workers fosters greater relationships for everyone present. It brings people together and allows us to “let our hair down” and relax so that we can truly be ourselves. When we’re in this state of being, we are more open and receptive to the unexpected, making our vibrational frequency higher; this results in greater manifestation of our hearts desires. It is no accident why many single people find their soul mates at weddings, parties, or other social occasions. Nor is it by accident that many business opportunities occur while casually networking at celebrations. Perhaps this is why many companies hold employee picnics, office parties and retreats.

Regardless of the reason for celebrating, take a moment to breathe it all in. Savor all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch of others. Give thanks for this precious time on earth and appreciate all the gifts you have been given. Cherish those around you with kindness and acceptance. Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate!

Thank You Notes

Remember when everyone used to send thank you notes whenever a gift was given? When I was growing up, my mom made me write thank you notes to my grandparents, aunts and uncles for birthday and Christmas presents.  Why have those days seemingly disappeared? Nowadays, people send impersonal emails if at all. I have even experienced this lack of etiquette when it comes to weddings and showers. What has the world come to if we disregard simple manors.

There is a distinct pleasure from actually writing a personal Thank You note. It lets people know their efforts are appreciated. It shows gratitude and love. This time honored tradition is one of those fundamental values children today are growing up knowing nothing about. It makes me sad because they are missing out on a host of written communication and penmanship skills that are vital in life. Additionally, kids today are not learning the practice of giving thanks for all the blessings they have. This goes beyond presents or celebrations. Thank you notes convey a real appreciation for life and honor everyone who makes it better.

I am so grateful Late Night’s TV host Jimmy Fallen has brought this practice to light in his Friday, “Thank You Note” segment where he actually writes these notes in front of the audience every week. Of course he finds funny things to be thankful for and is sometimes sarcastic, but he is bringing back an old custom into the forefront once again. I just love it!

So today, write a heartfelt thank you note to someone you love, a friend or teacher letting them know how much you appreciate them in your life. This is a wonderful little boost we all need to lift our spirits sometimes and feels good for both the giver and the receiver. Try it today and notice what happens!

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