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Planting Seeds of Faith

Spring if often a time for planting in the garden. A time of renewal and anticipation filled with promise and hope. I love 

gardening; planting seeds of herbs, vegetables, and flowers. This brings me joy and connects me to mother earth, which is a very grounding experience. At a recent workshop I attended, we explored the idea of seeds being planted into the conscious mind by way of intentions where they germinate and later manifest into our desires. Today, I want to explore the various seeds we can plant in our own lives and see what sprouts.

Just like there are many varieties of seeds available to plant for food, shade,  or pleasure; there are endless seeds of thought we can plant for a multitude of outcomes. We can choose to plant the seeds of wholeness, wellness, joy, love, beauty, success, dreams, simplicity, harmony, balance, fun, creativity, relationships, communication, forgiveness, reconciliation, hope, faith, strength, courage, wisdom, completion, discipline, longevity, health, adventure, positivity and so much more… There are an infinite amount of seeds available to plant in the fertile soil of our consciousness. The trick is to continue nurturing them and not dig them up. When we plant a seed, we are expressing faith in Universal Laws or Truths that we can trust to manifest our desires. Tomato seeds produce tomatoes. They can’t produce cucumbers because that’s not the intention of their seeds. The same in true for planting seeds of joy, wisdom, love and anything else in life; they all correspond to the intention of that particular seed. Therefor, paying attention to the seeds we plant in our own minds, correspond with the outcomes we experience in our own lives.

We have a choice. Planting seeds of faith require gratitude which nurtures the composition of the seeds allowing them to flourish into manifestation. What would you like to plant today? I invite you to plant the seeds that would make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. Write them down. Nourish them with positivity, faith and trust. Weed out doubt, fear, or negativity. Instead, focus your energy on the outcome of these seeds and before long you will begin to see them sprout (manifest) in your life.

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Meditating my way to Peace

Today I meditated soon after waking up, before jumping into my day and the results never cease to amaze me. The instant tranquility as I’m transported to another world of pure joy, love, and manifested dreams. It is heaven on earth. I visioned my retreat center’s Memorial Garden’s with rose garden labyrinth and even sketched out a rough plan of the area; how there’d be big bottle trees at each corner of the rectangle garden with labyrinth in the middle and a beautiful arch as the gateway into/out. There would even be a birdbath and beautiful 3 tier fountain in the center of the labyrinth with cement benches for reflection there. For anyone who’s walked this sacred path, reflection in the middle is one of the most incredible experiences. I saw large evergreen hedges lining the perimeter of the gardens and a memorial wall where loved one’s can remember their loved ones (children) who have passed.

This garden is dedicated to my daughter Faith Anne who died August 11th, 2005 before she was even born and who has impacted my life in so many ways. I love her as much now as I did they day I found out I was pregnant and her father and I continue to honor her memory. I think its important to have places to physically morn, plant a tree, place a placarded, and see your child’s name to honor the significant place they hold not only in your heart’s but in the world’s since each life is precious and meaningful. With miscarriage, the mother’s womb is the place of conception and termination which leaves her with a tremendous amount of mixed feelings and grief. And then others, dismiss this grief because the child wasn’t born yet, the pain is only compounded.

Thankfully, now my husband and I are “puppy parents” with a female Chihuahua. She’s 13 weeks old now and the pride/joy of our lives.  She’s very therapeutic for us during this time of year. Anniversaries for death or loss suck! However, there is always peace in knowing I will see her in heaven. Until then, I have meditation and we have her Spirit in our puppy Buttercup!

Meditation, transports us out of this world; anywhere in fact. Find our “happy place” to cope with life’s challenges and then go there often. I find comfort and solace there with her. I am so grateful for meditation in my life and EMDR (which really helped me break PTSD). (I’ll explain in another post)

God’s Country… Nature!

Just beautiful! Settings like these remind me of the divine perfection within our creator. They call me to take a closer look and insight dreams of simplicity. Nature is the ultimate healer as well as instigator of hope, creativity, gratitude, and relaxation. Her tree’s provide shade and shelter while their fruit sustenance.  Streams and rivers feed into lakes and oceans that have a sound all unto their own that is both soothing and rejuvenating while being the life blood for the rest of the landscape and all that lives on/in it. Her soil is a rich and fertile womb for plants, insects, and animals.

Everything comes from mother nature; wood, fish, meat, medicine, vegetables, fruit, paper, electricity, sun, fire, and the very air we breathe. She purifies our carbon footprint while providing recreation and inspiration for generations of species.

I am so thankful, appreciative, and grateful for all of mother nature’s gifts. I relish in her beauty as well as resiliency; always forgiving man’s transgressions. The absolute intelligence of her design is an unmistakably brilliant work of art that must be respected.

Nature is the macrocosm of Eden’s paradise, where peace and harmony thrive effortlessly. It is under God’s grace that we are allowed to enjoy this bountiful garden. However, as stewards of this Earth, responsible use and care are essential in maintaining her abundance. Are your habits of consumption and attitudes helping or hurting her? Are these patterns similar to your relationships with others? I implore you to dig deep and ground yourself in her wisdom for answers that will sustain us all and allow healing to begin.


Reverend Lisa