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Thank You Dad

Father’s Day is a time for celebrating the dad’s in our lives. Whether they are or were our biological father’s or not, we acknowledge the significant men in our lives today for being there in good times and bad; teaching us about life, playing with us, raising us with positive values, for believing in us and always loving us unconditionally. Thank you Dad for caring. Thank you Dad for taking your responsibility to me seriously. Thank you Dad for putting a roof over my head, food on the table and clothes on my back. Thank you Dad for protecting me from the harsh and sometimes cruel world. And thank you Dad for instilling confidence in me and self-esteem. Thank you Dad for always looking out for me and setting healthy boundaries so I would learn from my mistakes and make good choices. Thank you Dad for paying attention to me, listening to me, and following through with your promises. Most of all, thank you Dad for showing me that you are human and that it’s ok to make mistakes. I’ve learned so much from you; regardless of your intentions or actions.

There are many of us who grew up without a father figure or an abusive dad who didn’t know how to be there for us the way we would have liked or needed. Instead of feeling bitterness, anger, and/or pain today, lets forgive our Dad’s by acknowledging they were simply doing the best they knew how at the time. Often times, they were just repeating patterns of behavior from their upbringing and don’t know any better. Dad’s make mistakes, just like we do. We’re all human and don’t mean to hurt one another… it just happens sometimes when we’re hurt or upset or don’t have healthy coping skills. While parents are supposed to model healthy behavior, they often don’t know what that even looks like. As a child, this is difficult and painful. Many people have developed negative feelings towards their dad’s for a myriad of reasons. I honor and respect that. And I know that anger and resentment only hurts us and causes lots of other problems.

However, as adults we can make different choices. We can choose to forgive our dad’s and ourselves and move on. We can also choose to get help/ support to resolve the past as well as overcome unhealthy patterns of behavior so that we can be positive role models for our children and grandchildren. It is possible to release and let go with love. I encourage anyone with unresolved father issues to seek help in order to not repeat them with your own children. When we take this courageous step, we can truly be happy and embrace the blessings of our dad’s.

For those who have a great relationship with their dad; let them know how important they are to you and celebrate their presence in your life. Recognize the bravery and determination your dad has shown; honor his wisdom and sacrifices. Thank him for bringing you into the world.




The Blessings of Holy Thursday

         Today is Maundy Thursday, a Holy day where Jesus celebrated the Jewish custom of Passover  with his disciples before he was crucified the very next day. This meal commemorates Jesus’ Last Supper which began the sacrament of “Holy Communion” in the Christian Faith.

Before the Passover meal, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. By performing this lowly act of service, the Bible says in John 13:1 that Jesus “showed them the full extent of his love.” By his example, Jesus demonstrated how Christians are to love one another through humble service. For this reason, many churches practice foot-washing ceremonies as a part of their Maundy Thursday services. “

“Maundy derived from the Latin word mandatum, meaning “commandment,”  and refers to the commands Jesus gave his disciples at the Last Supper: to love with humility by serving one another and to remember his sacrifice.” (John 13:34)

To read more follow this link.

For this post, I want to focus on the metaphysical aspects of these important rituals in showing our gratitude for Jesus and for each other. Share a meal all together with your family and enjoy the gifts of communion. Participate in a community event and experience humility in the face of serving others less fortunate. In order to make today even more personal, think about all the sacrifices your parents made in order to provide you with a better life. Give them a call and let them know you appreciate their sacrifices. If you have children, you can relate to the acts of Jesus as he taught his followers lessons of boundless love and humility. Teach your children about these lessons and show them your love through quality time. The blessings of these lessons are that they are timeless and as relevant today as 2,000 years ago. Create your own rituals that sanctify the sacredness of today.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, today can be a significant day of reflection, grace, and service. We can reflect on the sacrifices of generations before us and of our own sacrifices for the generations yet to come. We can perform humble acts of service for others in order to appreciate all the blessings we have in our own lives. In what ways do you show your love to others? How can you transcend the lessons of Jesus today? What hope can you offer?

There are no pure actions too small or too great that can be done in the name of God; in the name of Love. Experience the blessings of Holy Thursday in whatever way works for you and allow the deeper meaning of today remind you of what’s truly important.


Trust:Taking the Leap

Today I pushed past my fear and took a leap of faith by trying out for something that I was extremely hesitant about, but deep down, knew I needed.  In order to take this leap, God led me to wise council support in a good friend who gently cut through all my excuses and fears and reminded me of my truth. She guided me out the door and towards my dream. I placed my trust in her and my faith in God that whatever will be, will be.

The second miracle was, that I really wasn’t alone once I arrived, for I soon was befriended by others in a similar plight. Not long after, a new group of friends were formed which made the waiting much, much, easier. For over four hours, this new group of supporters became my support group as we each encouraged one another, keeping unraveling nerves at bay through sharing stories and jokes.

My third miracle was when my long-time friend arrived unexpectedly with her husband and baby to show their support and “try out” alongside me. We went into the interview together and I learned more about her pain than ever before. It’s amazing how we can be friends with someone for years and not know their deepest fears or pain. Today, I witnessed hers and it touched me deeply.

The lessons of the day were; trust and take the leap, for you shall be greatly rewarded. I did; have you? Imagine each day living like this. When we recognize the miracles all around us, and become genuinely grateful for them, we learn to trust the world like never before.

Meditating my way to Peace

Today I meditated soon after waking up, before jumping into my day and the results never cease to amaze me. The instant tranquility as I’m transported to another world of pure joy, love, and manifested dreams. It is heaven on earth. I visioned my retreat center’s Memorial Garden’s with rose garden labyrinth and even sketched out a rough plan of the area; how there’d be big bottle trees at each corner of the rectangle garden with labyrinth in the middle and a beautiful arch as the gateway into/out. There would even be a birdbath and beautiful 3 tier fountain in the center of the labyrinth with cement benches for reflection there. For anyone who’s walked this sacred path, reflection in the middle is one of the most incredible experiences. I saw large evergreen hedges lining the perimeter of the gardens and a memorial wall where loved one’s can remember their loved ones (children) who have passed.

This garden is dedicated to my daughter Faith Anne who died August 11th, 2005 before she was even born and who has impacted my life in so many ways. I love her as much now as I did they day I found out I was pregnant and her father and I continue to honor her memory. I think its important to have places to physically morn, plant a tree, place a placarded, and see your child’s name to honor the significant place they hold not only in your heart’s but in the world’s since each life is precious and meaningful. With miscarriage, the mother’s womb is the place of conception and termination which leaves her with a tremendous amount of mixed feelings and grief. And then others, dismiss this grief because the child wasn’t born yet, the pain is only compounded.

Thankfully, now my husband and I are “puppy parents” with a female Chihuahua. She’s 13 weeks old now and the pride/joy of our lives.  She’s very therapeutic for us during this time of year. Anniversaries for death or loss suck! However, there is always peace in knowing I will see her in heaven. Until then, I have meditation and we have her Spirit in our puppy Buttercup!

Meditation, transports us out of this world; anywhere in fact. Find our “happy place” to cope with life’s challenges and then go there often. I find comfort and solace there with her. I am so grateful for meditation in my life and EMDR (which really helped me break PTSD). (I’ll explain in another post)

Puppy Love

What is more adorable that this? Puppies, like children, are so uninhibited and free; they seek only to provide joy through play and boundless love along with energy and of course wet kisses. Given the challenging times we are experiencing, what could be better than coming home to “man’s best friend”?  Besides, children or a loving spouse or partner, not much else comes to mind. In my opinion, puppies rule above all other pet possibilities as they are more loyal and trainable.  (they are also the most cuddliest)

Puppy love is easily visible with a speedy, wag of the tail and humans irresistible urge to pick them up cooing all the way. Puppy love, is 100% unconditional and the purest love affair of all, with limitless health benefits for everyone.

So, if you don’t have a puppy or dog, adopt one immediately; if you are already a canine parent, rejoice and enjoy in this special kind of love! I am so grateful for my new puppy Buttercup and all the joy, love, and fulfillment she has brought into my life. This time of year is challenging as my husband and I morn the loss of our daughter Faith Ann who would have been 4 years old. Buttercup’s ability to heal our hearts with comfort and happiness is priceless and the best anti-depressant available. If you suffer from heartbreak, anxiety or loneliness, give puppy therapy a try, allowing their love to wash away your sadness.