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Divine Intervention

We’ve all heard the saying “The Lord works in mysterious ways”, but what does it really mean? In my experience, such Divine Intervention means an outcome greater than I could have ever imagined. It requires surrendering complete control to Faith when logic doesn’t see a way.

Where have you witnessed Divine Intervention in your life? Noticing these special moments with gratitude  is key to leading an enlightened life.  When we recognize this, we learn that there is no such thing as coincidence and that miracles are really the work of God. Everything happens by Divine Right Order.

Meditating my way to Peace

Today I meditated soon after waking up, before jumping into my day and the results never cease to amaze me. The instant tranquility as I’m transported to another world of pure joy, love, and manifested dreams. It is heaven on earth. I visioned my retreat center’s Memorial Garden’s with rose garden labyrinth and even sketched out a rough plan of the area; how there’d be big bottle trees at each corner of the rectangle garden with labyrinth in the middle and a beautiful arch as the gateway into/out. There would even be a birdbath and beautiful 3 tier fountain in the center of the labyrinth with cement benches for reflection there. For anyone who’s walked this sacred path, reflection in the middle is one of the most incredible experiences. I saw large evergreen hedges lining the perimeter of the gardens and a memorial wall where loved one’s can remember their loved ones (children) who have passed.

This garden is dedicated to my daughter Faith Anne who died August 11th, 2005 before she was even born and who has impacted my life in so many ways. I love her as much now as I did they day I found out I was pregnant and her father and I continue to honor her memory. I think its important to have places to physically morn, plant a tree, place a placarded, and see your child’s name to honor the significant place they hold not only in your heart’s but in the world’s since each life is precious and meaningful. With miscarriage, the mother’s womb is the place of conception and termination which leaves her with a tremendous amount of mixed feelings and grief. And then others, dismiss this grief because the child wasn’t born yet, the pain is only compounded.

Thankfully, now my husband and I are “puppy parents” with a female Chihuahua. She’s 13 weeks old now and the pride/joy of our lives.  She’s very therapeutic for us during this time of year. Anniversaries for death or loss suck! However, there is always peace in knowing I will see her in heaven. Until then, I have meditation and we have her Spirit in our puppy Buttercup!

Meditation, transports us out of this world; anywhere in fact. Find our “happy place” to cope with life’s challenges and then go there often. I find comfort and solace there with her. I am so grateful for meditation in my life and EMDR (which really helped me break PTSD). (I’ll explain in another post)

Acceptance = Peace

Don’t you love it when life just seems to flow? No struggle. No anxiety. No fear. Lately I find myself floating on the river of contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment as I allow God’s blessings to manifest in my life. Ahhh… what amazing results when I let go and let God!

I couldn’t be happier with the results of this month. My husband was hired by a major health insurance company after trying to be an independent agent which was less than profitable in today’s economy. A dead business of mine awakened unexpectedly with passion and prosperity as a new client mysteriously emerged. Dreams were realized, prayers answered, and cornerstones turned with each passing day that has brought me and my husband closer to the Creator and each other.

Life has been so good to us and we are grateful. Keeping our Faith amidst the clouds of uncertainty has brought immeasurable peace.

God’s Country… Nature!

Just beautiful! Settings like these remind me of the divine perfection within our creator. They call me to take a closer look and insight dreams of simplicity. Nature is the ultimate healer as well as instigator of hope, creativity, gratitude, and relaxation. Her tree’s provide shade and shelter while their fruit sustenance.  Streams and rivers feed into lakes and oceans that have a sound all unto their own that is both soothing and rejuvenating while being the life blood for the rest of the landscape and all that lives on/in it. Her soil is a rich and fertile womb for plants, insects, and animals.

Everything comes from mother nature; wood, fish, meat, medicine, vegetables, fruit, paper, electricity, sun, fire, and the very air we breathe. She purifies our carbon footprint while providing recreation and inspiration for generations of species.

I am so thankful, appreciative, and grateful for all of mother nature’s gifts. I relish in her beauty as well as resiliency; always forgiving man’s transgressions. The absolute intelligence of her design is an unmistakably brilliant work of art that must be respected.

Nature is the macrocosm of Eden’s paradise, where peace and harmony thrive effortlessly. It is under God’s grace that we are allowed to enjoy this bountiful garden. However, as stewards of this Earth, responsible use and care are essential in maintaining her abundance. Are your habits of consumption and attitudes helping or hurting her? Are these patterns similar to your relationships with others? I implore you to dig deep and ground yourself in her wisdom for answers that will sustain us all and allow healing to begin.


Reverend Lisa

Where has God shown up for you today?

For me, God showed up today in the form of physical energy and a fully functioning mind; thanks for ADD medication. God also showed up with providing me safe travel in my car as well as money for food shopping, forgiveness, and better communication with my husband. The bounty of Spirit is all around us and when we remember that God is the Source and Supply of ALL our GOOD, life becomes simpler and more beautiful.

As you reflect on your day, notice what went right.  Where there any miracles that occurred today? What situations appeared to handle themselves? These subtle changes and happenings are easy to miss amidst the hassle and bustle of everyday life and although they can be explained away as “coincidences”, by some, or dismissed altogether, the hand of God is all around us. A change of heart, a near accident, a positive outcome, generosity, strength and courage amidst a crisis, or unexpected surprises are just some of the ways God works in our lives each and every day.

Some events are meant to get our attention, while some are the result of our own choosing. The power of choice or “free-will” is a personal right to each human being on the planet. However, there are always consequences for our actions and what we put out in the world, can come back to haunt or help us. There are also larger forces at play in our lives that we have no control over. Some of these forces are the result of others’ choices, and some are natural like the weather or health. Recognizing a power greater than ourselves, that I choose to call God, and the hand that this force plays in ours lives, is an act of gratitude and humility that opens the way for more good to come into our lives.

So, just for today, I encourage you to consciously choose to notice all the abundance, prosperity, good health, love, friendship, support, and blessings that have been bestowed upon you. These are all examples of how God has shown up in your life; the choice is, will you notice them?

The Power of Intention

What we put our attention on, is usually what we manifest, but isn’t always what we want. Intention rather, is a deeply conscious choice to manifest a particular goal without any attachment to how it comes about. Intentions are more than mere goal setting, as they have grace, ease, and flexibility within them. Goals tend to be more fixed with particular steps to achieve the desired outcome. Intentions allow Spirit to work its magic within us or in the world in order to manifest.

The power of intention comes from our willingness to surrender to Spirit and get out of the way. Ever tried to fix something with the same mindset that created it? The result is lots of frustration and disaster! Setting an intention eliminates this frustration by admitting we don’t know how and allowing a Power greater than ourselves, which does know how, to show us the way.

I have seen this process work many times in my life and in the lives of those I know and love with remarkable results. Outcomes manifest far more magnificent than planned or even dreamed of; effortlessly. Just last week I set the intention to be more mindful with time and within days, I was more productive and arriving at places earlier than usual. This carried over to a class I am teaching and just in a matter of three weeks I have seen dramatic results. All without changing a single thing, except creating a space for God to work in my life.  Additionally, I have set health intentions to get more active and eat better. Low and behold, I have actually gone to the gym and worked out, plus eaten several salads that I made myself at home. All without bullying or berating myself; and merely making an intention, then stepping my ego (control) aside.

I am so grateful for the power of intention in my life today and rest in the awareness that I don’t have to know “how”; I can just allow Life to unfold gracefully and get out of my own way.

Imagine what you can accomplish using the power of intention in your life? Try it and see the difference for yourself.


Nothing is more special or sacred than Family. We are all born into, welcomed, and raised by this beloved group of kin who nurture and support us well into adulthood and throughout our lives. They listen to us, feed us, care for us, and teach us about life and ourselves. While they are far from perfect, this group will sacrifice anything for one another, since its survival depends upon the strength of the individual members. Grounded in ancestry, our Families carry more than mere DNA; they carry the very fiber of our species and essence of love… God!

Family can be composed of more than biology, encompassing surrogate members such as adoptive parents, half- siblings, teachers, clergy, or friends. Family is thicker than blood and even more vital than water, as we are shaped by those around us and them by us. Each member is of this Earthly clan, Family is what we all are to each other.

This is God’s greatest gift to man.  A model of Spirit’s love for us in flesh and bone. A mirror of what humanity is meant to be. The healing touch of a warm embrace. The comfort of a smile. The safety and serenity of love, born from compassion and kindness. These are the treasures of Family. This is what I am grateful for in you.