Cheers to Good Health!

Winter is a time for reflection and rejuvenation; a time for enjoying the snow as well as the cool, crisp, air. However, it’s also a time for colds, flu, and other illnesses. Currently, I’m afflicted with a nasty cold and an eczema breakout. It’s times like these that remind me of how important my health really is and makes me appreciate the simplicity of breathing deeply without coughing or being able to sleep throughout the night and not wanting to scratch my skin off. Sometimes we have to lose our health in order to remember what is usually taken for granted. I am so grateful for over the counter medications, tissues with aloe and Goldbond Anti-itch Lotion. It’s the little things that make getting through illness bearable. I’m also grateful for my white blood cells that are working hard to make me better, along with orange juice, vitamins, and good old fashioned rest. There’s only so much TV a gal can watch, but thank God for the internet and all its variety. Then there’s those mindless games like “Angry Birds”, of which I’m totally hooked on. When all is said and done, nothing beats a four legged furry animal to snuggle with. I prefer my little Chihuahua, named Buttercup. Others prefer creatures of the feline persuasion. Regardless, pets are the greatest companions for the in-firmed.

So cheers to good health! Embrace winter’s cold embrace. Enjoy the snow. And most of all, thank God for today!


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