The Blessings of Family

Family’s come in all shapes and sizes; with different styles and traditions. Some families communicate well while others have constant turmoil. Regardless of what your family looks or acts like, we all have blessings to be noticed. First of all, YOU because without your family, you wouldn’t exist. Secondly, everything you have become to date was a result of your family and the history you were born into as well as the life you experienced with them. These ties created the foundation for the person you are today and these primary relationships are the building blocks for all your relationships forward. Traditions, history, beliefs, values, attitudes, and habits were all created from our family as they were our first teachers. This realization can be a blessing because if we are not happy with the outcome of our life, we can trace it back to our beliefs rooted in our families and then change it. Sometimes this takes getting professional help and sometimes it just takes a new perspective.

The blessings of family are numerous regardless of its functionality. Everything happens for a reason and is part of a Divine plan. If you struggle with your family history, do whatever you can to resolve it through forgiveness and release its negative energy in your current life. I assure you; this dynamic is being re-created now even if the circumstances have changed. We can’t run away from our family roots, but we don’t have to be defined by them either. Today, choose to let go of the past and cherish all the blessings of family. Do it for your children, your marriage and for your own peace of mind.

Family can also be a choice instead of blood. Perhaps your friends or church are more like family than your blood relatives. Today, you get to choose who makes up the people you call family. Practice the traditions that are meaningful to you. Release the ones that aren’t. It’s that simple. Count the blessings of family today and appreciate all the intimate relationships you have for they each have special meaning for us all.


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