Sometimes things aren’t the way we expect them to be. This picture, aka my apple picking adventure, case in point. I remembered this favorite childhood activity in New York/Vermont was very different from what we witnessed in Willcox, Arizona. I remember climbing the tree’s, being able to drive between the rows of trees and picking a car full for less than $20 versus the 99cents per lb we paid here.

I had a picture of what this adventure would look like based upon memories from the past and when I experienced it, the results were nothing like the picture. How many times  has this happened to you?

They say, “expectations are planned resentments”. Well, they’re right…sort of. Although I was disappointed at the orchards, there were other experiences within our day trip adventure that turned out to be quite fun! For instance walking through a corn maze.

(Turn your head to the right for left pix)   Start!

I entered into a new experience with no expectations except for adventure and fun and that was exactly what my husband and I got. We took the intermediate route as we wanted some challenge but to still make it out alive. They gave us a trivia sheet and postcard of the maze that proved to be completely useless as we soon couldn’t tell where we were within the maze. The corn was double our height and absorbed sound better than walls. The maze was supposed to take 30 minutes, we were in there about 45 and made ample wrong turns, but it was incredibly fun! Originally I thought we’d do the more challenging one after, but this route proved to be quite challenging enough for the two of us! To make matters worse we forgot to bring water with us and became very disoriented and dehydrated.  Thank God, after a snow cone each and rest, we were no worse for the ware.

Here’s my husband’s after picture. Dragging tail w/ our camcorder strapped to his back.  We had survived the corn maze and lived to tell our tale.  🙂

The point is, we had the most fun when our expectations weren’t as specific. Sure I “expected” it would be fun but I didn’t know any of the details to expect so that freed our minds for the experience to  just unfold. The result was we had a more enjoyable time and weren’t disappointed.

So what can you take away from all this? Suspend the details of your expectations long enough for them to unfold naturally. You will probably have a better time and make new memories that are just as satisfying!


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