Puppy Love

What is more adorable that this? Puppies, like children, are so uninhibited and free; they seek only to provide joy through play and boundless love along with energy and of course wet kisses. Given the challenging times we are experiencing, what could be better than coming home to “man’s best friend”?  Besides, children or a loving spouse or partner, not much else comes to mind. In my opinion, puppies rule above all other pet possibilities as they are more loyal and trainable.  (they are also the most cuddliest)

Puppy love is easily visible with a speedy, wag of the tail and humans irresistible urge to pick them up cooing all the way. Puppy love, is 100% unconditional and the purest love affair of all, with limitless health benefits for everyone.

So, if you don’t have a puppy or dog, adopt one immediately; if you are already a canine parent, rejoice and enjoy in this special kind of love! I am so grateful for my new puppy Buttercup and all the joy, love, and fulfillment she has brought into my life. This time of year is challenging as my husband and I morn the loss of our daughter Faith Ann who would have been 4 years old. Buttercup’s ability to heal our hearts with comfort and happiness is priceless and the best anti-depressant available. If you suffer from heartbreak, anxiety or loneliness, give puppy therapy a try, allowing their love to wash away your sadness.


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  1. Posted by azroadie622 on July 20, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    It is so true that “puppy therapy” is one of the best medicines out there.. and I defy ANYONE to find an “ugly” puppy picture.. LOL.. there is no such thing. Now then, doting on our furry little girl Buttercup, she is a cutie.. sometimes she can be aggravating (like chewing on the carpet, for example), but one look of those cute, innocent little brown eyes and a wag of the tail and it’s all over.. like Lisa said, she owns the place; we just sleep here. =)


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