Great Minds Think Alike

A grateful mind is a great mind, which eventually attracts to itself great things.”  -Plato

What have you been thinking lately? Is your focus on fear or faith; complaining or gratitude? We can’t think two opposing thoughts at the same time, so when we consciously choose to focus on the gifts of the situation or person, outcomes become more favorable.

A great mind does not allow the good opinion of others or its darker side, to counteract the Truth that lies within. Wisdom, Authenticity, Love, and Creativity are the hallmarks of this great mind from which Compassion, Honesty, Humility, and Grace reside. Living from this mindset we allow ourselves the opportunity to receive everything needed to manifest our deepest desires as like attracts like. From here, we can graciously rest in the idea that “Great Minds” really do think alike!


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  1. An excellent reminder!


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