Beloved Pets

I am so blessed to have a new Chihuahua puppy in my life. She has reminded me of the importance of being on a schedule and helped me get to bed and up earlier. Her cute face, loving eyes, and adorable floppy ears, just light up my world in ways I can’t even describe. She provides me with lots of opportunities to practice patience and forgiveness. When I look at her, I see the beauty and magnificence of God. The intricacies in her small frame are like those of an infant. Such perfection. Such goodness. Such Grace.

Whatever kind of pet you have, they calm the nerves and rejuvenate our senses giving us a break from the “world” long enough to remember what truly matters… the moments. Pets are great teachers for living in the moment through playing, enjoying quality time with their master, and self-care. They eat when their hungry, drink when their thirsty, and sleep or nap when their tired. They also express their emotions fully and completely. (Imagine if we did this!) Most of all, pets trust us to provide what they cannot; a safe place to live, medical care, exercise, and food. In exchange they add years to our lives by their unconditional love and loyalty for us. They forgive us for our mistakes immediately and don’t harbor grudges. They even entertain us with tricks as well as a few surprises every now and again. All of this lowers our blood pressure, motivates us to be healthier people, and empowers us to live from the inside out (like they do).

I am so thankful and grateful for my new baby/puppy girl. She is undoubtedly a gift from God and one that I shall treasure always.


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