Clarity Sure Beats Confusion!

Have you ever felt “foggy” or “scattered” throughout the day? Perhaps you’ve been unable to process information or make even the simplest decisions, like prioritizing or completing tasks? I sure have and as the temperature rises, so do systems like these. In addition, I become lethargic and unmotivated. When I days like these occur I find staying home and out of the car is best. Shopping or operating machinery is certainly not recommended during these times.

Thankfully it has passed, and today a clear mind returned as well as my energy. I suffer from ADD and like many affected by this disorder, there are days when confusion and overwhelm take over; regardless of medication. The blessings of self-care and having good emotional support, are essential to making it through to the other side. My friend helped me by listening and making me laugh. She provided a much needed reality check that these symptoms wouldn’t last forever and allowed me to feel my feelings.  I am so grateful for her support and friendship. Who helps you when confusion hits?

There are many reasons for mental sluggishness and impairment as described above; ADD, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, viruses and diabetes are just a few. Finding out what’s causing your confusion helps in treatment as well as coping. Information is power and what we don’t know can hurt us in more ways than one.

Check this link out for some great tips and more information on ADD.


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