Nothing is more special or sacred than Family. We are all born into, welcomed, and raised by this beloved group of kin who nurture and support us well into adulthood and throughout our lives. They listen to us, feed us, care for us, and teach us about life and ourselves. While they are far from perfect, this group will sacrifice anything for one another, since its survival depends upon the strength of the individual members. Grounded in ancestry, our Families carry more than mere DNA; they carry the very fiber of our species and essence of love… God!

Family can be composed of more than biology, encompassing surrogate members such as adoptive parents, half- siblings, teachers, clergy, or friends. Family is thicker than blood and even more vital than water, as we are shaped by those around us and them by us. Each member is of this Earthly clan, Family is what we all are to each other.

This is God’s greatest gift to man.  A model of Spirit’s love for us in flesh and bone. A mirror of what humanity is meant to be. The healing touch of a warm embrace. The comfort of a smile. The safety and serenity of love, born from compassion and kindness. These are the treasures of Family. This is what I am grateful for in you.


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