Technology; What a beautiful thing…

Twenty years ago, I never would have thought I’d be published online as a blogger. Back then, I didn’t even know an internet existed. (it was in its primal stages then) Sure, we had telephones and computers, but they didn’t do a quarter of what they do today. We really are blessed to be able to connect with our friends and families anytime; anywhere with over a dozen different mediums. From text messaging, posting on Facebook or Myspace, to tweeting, and everything in between, technology sure has its advantages. Now, we carry cell phones that take pictures, shoot video, have internet capability so we can check our emails, get directions and more.

Technology has revolutionized the way we job search, apply for loans, get our news, and shop. Not to mention, the internet allows anyone access to the world; a university education without needing to leave home.

I, for one, am grateful for the technology we have today and see it as a wonderful medium that connects all of humanity at just the click of a button; capable of spreading love, hope, and joy throughout the world.

It’s all in how we use it!

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