God is Our Source and Supply!

Have your ever wondered where all the rich substance in the world comes from? How often have you wished and hoped you had more money? When was the last time you stopped to notice the nature surrounding you in the trees, grass, flowers, birds, sunrise or sunset? God is the source and supply of  everything we see, in this world of form. Our Divine Creator is responsible for all of nature as well as each one of us.

God is also the Source and Supply of all financial prosperity as well as abundance. Your paycheck does not come from your employer; it really comes from God. Where do you think the idea for the company or industry you work for and in, came from? Spirit is the idea or vision behind all of creation. The level of prosperity in your job is in direct proportion to your level of gratitude and willingness to accept all the goodness God has for you in your life. Think about it, we can’t expect to receive more prosperity in our lives if we don’t already recognize and give thanks for what we have now; acknowledging the infinite supply (abundance) all around us.

Your food does not come from the grocery store, farm, or even your own garden; but from God since it was all created by Spirit.  Where did the first fruit, vegetables, animals, and fish, come from? God’s imagination. It is from this Source, that all of creation was born. Each subsequent descendant, is a mere copy of the original.

Today, give thanks for the abundant bounty that surrounds you and observe the beauty and serenity that comes from appreciating life’s simplest pleasures; nature, animals, and  loved-ones.


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