Rest, Relaxation & PJ’s

How have you been feeling lately? Are you snapping at your kids, spouse, or co-workers? Perhaps your productivity is slacking due to exhaustion or inability to focus?  Maybe it’s time for a “Mental Health” day. Call out from work, stay in your PJ’s and either go back to bed or curl up with a good book. We all need regular time outs from life to rest and relax in order to preserve good mental and physical health.

PJ’s (pajamas) are a girls best friend.  I love lounging in PJ’s all day when I haven’t slept well the night before or feel my head/life spinning out of control. The comfort of being in loose clothing surrounded my all my favorite things at home, is restorative to my mind and body.

Living in our fast-paced, high-pressured, society, we can’t help but over-do-it.  Between juggling all the responsibilities of career and family, it’s easy to become depleted, irritable, frazzled. Following the day-to-day grind, stress takes a tole on our nerves and attitude, making the basics of life impossible. The harder and longer we push ourselves, the greater chance for illness and depression. Taking some time to rest and relax, is a great way to avoid disease, accidents, and resentment while re-gaining strength and perspective. Slowing down clears the mental fog that happens when we’re on the treadmill of life and actually improves productivity and creativity.

Growing up, my mom would call these respites “drop dead days”.  Although they would only occur after relentless pushing of herself in trying to take care of household duties and me, these days would be my most favorite days with mom. The world would stop and quality time with self and each-other would ensue. Eating our favorite comfort foods and watching movies in our PJ’s was the highlight of my childhood and taught me a valuable lesson in the importance of taking time-out from the world and all its pressures. I am so grateful for those special childhood days with mom at home in our PJ’s, eating tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, curled up together on the couch watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Today, I am thankful that I give myself permission to take these little Mental Health breaks before I need to go to the doctor and appreciate all the wise woman before me who say that it’s okay.


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  1. Who says that a mental health day is just for the ladies? Last I remember, loafing altogether by taking a day away from the craziness that *IS* society is NEVER a bad thing. So yes, guys, play hookey every now and then too!


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